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I have been trying to refinance my home loan and able to do so thanks to the new laws regarding being underwater on my mortgage. First SLS had to be educated by my lender about what documents were required and which were not.

Our request was sent to them October 1st. It's now been a full 6 weeks and I have called many times asking for the papers to be expedited and they would not do so. Merely came back to me saying it would still be 3-5 business days. It is now day 6 and still nothing.

They claim that my lender didn't get them everything they needed but actually they did and my lender had to educate them on the new laws. Either way supposedly they have had everything they need for more than 2 weeks and even though they promised 3-5 days we still do not have the subordination papers. Nobody there will help and say that the supervisors are always in a meeting and the actual dept. will not take phone calls.

They do not seem to care at all for their customers even those in perfect standing with them as I am. I find the customer service severely lacking and solely focus on their needs and not those of their customers. I was promised a call from the supervisor to discuss my displeasure with the entire situation. I told them that I felt that SLS sis not care about me as a customer and nobody ever called me back.

My lender also tells me that SLS is one of the worst companies to work with for these kinds of requests and are always extremely slow. My loan to refinance has been waiting ONLY on SLS for the past 6 weeks and I find it very distressing that even though I called to see if they could move things faster they continued to do nothing. They went so far as to tell me that the people that process the papers will not take calls from customers yet the people that CAN speak with customers are given little to no information and cannot give you any answers. If I had a choice I would never work with this organization that is solely dedicated to collecting money from those that cannot afford to pay and have no interest in helping those that are trying to keep afloat and trying to continue to pay on time.

I can only imagine how quickly they would have helped me if I wasn't able to pay them! If even a 10th of the resources were spent helping people do the right thing and not so much time torturing the people that have defaulted and obviously do not have money, SLS would benefit in the end.

I really don't think they see the bigger picture and I know they do not care at ALL for the customers in good standing! It's very sad and very upsetting.

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I need help dealing with SLS Loans, I can't pay My Mortgage because they are denying my account number which is the one they gave now I will be late and My credit will be in the toilet. Is there anyone out there that can help someone who is trying to do the right thing but is blocked by this company??????? Help.


O and it is a little hard when he person you have to talk to refuses to take your call or return it.


Good luck with that. I tried for over 6 months with wells fargo and gave up.

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