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This company of crooks purchased the ability to con me out of more money that I don't owe . I wasn't going to give them anything .As soon as they know this they try to take your home by foreclosing .

I received this from an attorney that the previous crooks hired 4 times to try to rob me of my home . After I paid off $110,000 and got it down to $300.000 the balance went in reverse -they don't want you to be able to pay it off since they want to obtain it by foreclosing . Predatory lenders look for defaults here since property values are higher ,this is a suburb of DC . Since they purchased, they have prevented me from getting into my home.

they hired a company to change the locks so I have no way to get in. I believe trespassing into your home is illegal, they don't care.

If anyone knows of an attorney or agency that can help me get their claws out of me , please let me know .

Product or Service Mentioned: Specialized Loan Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Hi, I am also battling SLS right now. They are a horrific, corrupt company.

I am so terribly sorry for what you are going through. It's terrifying. Here's what I am doing: Sending them certified, return receipt letters with all of the correct information on my payments since they can't seem to (or rather, don't want to) keep it straight; I have all of the executives names, as well, whom I will be sending packets to next week. Hit them hard and keep sending your letters and complaints.

SLS SENT ME A NOTICE OF INTENT TO FORECLOSE even though I am CURRENT ON PAYMENTS. And, by law, you need to be 6 MONTHS behind before they can foreclose. Not that it matters to them. They are STEALING PEOPLE'S HOMES every day.

I have documented everything to the Colorado Attorney General, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) which was created after the 2008 housing crisis. I HIGHLY recommend filing a complaint with CFPB. Send everything in writing to SLS. Make copies of EVERYTHING.

Phone calls are not admissible in court. A friend of mine who is a forensic accountant has helped me very much with the numbers which can be daunting to put together due to SLS's massive incompetency and desire to steal. They confuse purposefully. We put together spread sheets showing their mistakes and discrepancies.

For example, I just received a letter from SLS saying that I owed an additional $2,500 on my escrow. PATENTLY FALSE. My accountant looked at my taxes and homeowner's insurance. I'm short $260.00.

This is how they get you. They screw with your payments, how they are applied, obfuscate, lie, mislead, etc. SLS is a massive criminal racket. They are a 3rd party servicing company.

NOT a mortgage company. They work with Wells Fargo and have multiple layers and possible shell companies. Major, major duplicity and corruption at work here. Try and re-fi?

Get involved with a class action suit against them. I have the contact info of a man that is starting one if you are interested.

I hope this helps. Reach out if you would like.

to Richardson #1533227

Feel free to post any info about SLS on this Facebook page:

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