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This company routinely fails to send out timely notices of balances due on my HELOC loan, then stalks me incessantly with automated phone calls. ("Hello, please stay on the line for an important message.")

When I call back I have to sit on hold for a very long time to find out how much I need to pay. Most recently I've sent full payment in advance, only to have the "delinquent" calls start up again three weeks later.

Today their customer service rep. Carol (#13097) apologized again and said she would fix it for real this time. We'll see. At least she was nice.

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SLS bought my loan about 18th months ago. Let me start off by saying my loan is completely conforming, and I have never had a late or missed payment and I am not subject to PMI.

My mortgage, property taxes and homeowner's insurance are impounded in an escrow account for convenience, not necessity. Through every loan servicer that my poor loan has been sold to, my homeowners insurance has always been paid out of impound/escrow.

Even though the balance in my impound account is more the adequate to cover all of these items, SLS has "decided" not to pay my homeowners insurance and have given 2 days to make other arrangements. When I asked them to refund the balance in my escrow account, they told me they needed to research the loan to make sure I was not subject to mandatory impound (huh?)and the "escrow" department needed to review my payment history, even though customer service rep indicated it was "impeccable". Long story short, I have 2 days to make an insurance payment which I will have transfer out of savings for and I am out about $1700 of my money that SLS does not at this point seem inclined to give back to me. These people seem awfully shady!


I too have been lied to by several people at this company. I honestly believe they are trained to lie!

They have no ethics and violate all sense of moral responisiblity to the customers. This company uses intimidation and harassement to milk good customers out of more money. They are no different than a LOAN SHARK!

Please file complaints against this company with every agency that will pursue them. It is just a matter of time before they are shut down.


I also had a HELLO letter as GMAC sold my mortgage to SLS. It has not even been 12 days since this loan company has owned this mortgage and they are trying to charge me late penalty fees, higher interest, and report my delinquency to the credit bureaus!

THIS COMPANY IS A FRADULENT COMPANY THAT IS TRYING TO SCAM HONEST PEOPLE. Anyone who has their mortgage sold, or transferred has 60 days to not be considered late but not with SLS!!!!

By the way, SLS is just a servicing company they do not own my mortgage, therefore they are like the middle man and they think they can get away with anything they want including taking a bigger piece of the pie such as increasing my interest rate, charging me a 5% penalty fee and reporting me to the credit bureaus be cause I was 10 days late on a loan that transferred 11 days ago. Good luck with your future endeavors SLS!!!!!!


They hold my Loan as well. They have to be the most rudest, customer service people in the country.

The automated telephone call about a "deliquent" account is horrible!!! I have never been late on my account and I still get remeinder calls each month.

They spend a lot of time and energy to remind you. How about just checking the records before you call each month for nothing.

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