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Anthony Ramirez needs training, specifically phone training. Apparently Anthony doesn't understand that a person just doesn't stop paying their mortgage and risk losing their home on a whim. He should understand that their are likely unavoidable extenuating circumstances, specifically other obligations which cause a person to fall behind. He should understand the stress that is placed upon a person in such a situation and communicate with respect, not speak with a condescending tone. He should be patient and answer questions. He shouldn't ask the caller, "Why are you upset?" He should answer the phone with a tone that communicates that he is ready to take the call, not that he is indifferent or already frustrated. He shouldn't say, "It's your responsibility, take some initiative." What a little punk.

His tone, word choice, and manner were quite offensive. His lack of professionalism was what was upsetting.

Anthony Ramirez

Recovery Associate, Recovery Dept

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC

8742 Lucent Blvd., Suite 400

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


Product or Service Mentioned: Specialized Loan Servicing Loan.

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