My loan was transferred to SLS in 12/06 and it has been a horrible experience ever since. The harrassment calls, the unprofessional staff, and their reluctance to sell the loan is unheard of. I tried to refinance with another company in May 07 and SLS refused to cooperate with the lender. They refused to give a payoff quote and consistly stalked me eventhough they verbally agreed to cooperate. They placed negative information on my credit report and failed to perform on a forebearance agreement. Does anyone want to file a class action suit against them? Please let me know?

I have enough with this company and their BS. Its time to fight back. SPS (Select Portfolio Servicing) Faibanks is just as bad.

If anyone has any information on class action suits against both these companies please e-mail me at worldknight@aol.com

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Staten Island, New York, United States #1085596

hi, have you made any litigation action against popular?


I was just transferred to these people and like all of you my experiences with them in 3 months have been the worst.They do lie and of course they are stealing they quote RESPA incorrectly and do what ever they want.

They are overcharging me for my Escrow by 100%. I had to contact HUD, NC Commission of Banks, NACA and Consumer Finance. I refuse to lie down and allow for them to steal my money. They are not following rules like other Mortgages, and I think because these are investors.

Their goal is to make money. I think we should file a Class action suit.

several people are looking to do that and if any one is interested this is a contact email.worldknight@aol.com

to Miscey Cable, Wisconsin, United States #968032

Their goal is to reposes properties after they are nearly paid off.We are in the midst of trying to get our lives back together after several months of no work but yet kept our payments going.

Now SLS has sent exaggerated so called shortage charges which has nearly tripled our mortgage. And have sent foreclosure notices against our credit.

At several times they wanted us to "modify" our loan.

I am so happy that we did not, especially after reviewing all the bitter complaints about the corrupt and irresponsible manner in which this company operates.They are a subsidiary of Bank of America and share the low opinion expressed by so many people and legal firms.

Marietta, Georgia, United States #788869

Bunch of Crooks ! I cant even get info about my loan over the phone. Sign Me up also for Class Action MadEyeMan@Hotmail.com


Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #703986

I will be more than happy to jump in on a class action suit with SLS. I have been trying to get them to approve a short sale fo 18 months. How can they stay in business when they don't know if they are on foot or horseback!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #601935

I submitted paper work for a loan modification in January 2012.Over the past twelve months I have had to submit and resubmit documents because I was told on several occasions that "we have the paper work, paper work lost, paper work expired, need to resend in a full document again".This went on for 12 months.

It is now January 31, 2013 and I was notified last week that my loan is being sold to another lender. I would place calls to SLS at least three times a week and was given multiple excuses why the paper work was not complete,. My escrow analysis was requested at least three times which I was told it only takes 24 hrs , the loan went to the under writer twice.

I feel that I have been discriminated against.I support a class Action law suit against SLS


To the ones that say quit whinning and pay your bills.I do and have paid they every month even when they wanted $300 extra for my county taxes (which are by the way only $477 a YEAR).

When they finally investigate 5 months later escrow for taxes went to $45 a month. Alas no one can actually tell me where the money went, until one day the said I owed the previous (homeq) company $1258.27 in back escrow.

I did not choose this company I was sold to them.They do not work with other mortgage companies to help you refi.

to Lynn #597466

Lynn good luck just keep fighting the fight, Document everything and take emoshion out of the equasion when you deal with these a$$'es and give back as good or better then they give you and you will overcome their BS...I did and it works only took 3 years...


I will jump in on a class action lawsuit!! let me know

to macdaddy71 #597465

You know, I had a countrywide loan then BOA bought it out then when my exwife left me, cleaned the house out, left the bills and I lost my job in Atlanta it was rough.I was on unemployment for 15 weeks searchinv for a job (2008) and ended up just moving out of state, Told them I had no intent on keeping the house and was going to file ch.7, Then their tune changed....They were nice...I still filed and they had kept calling after the fact wanting me to take the house back after I was discharged from the property!!

These guys are just low-life backward thinking people to go against the law of the land like that. So I finally told these people that if the continue that I will file suite against them and had my lawyer ready.

I also followed up with a stern letter telling them my intent, They have since left me alone as of 2011 3 years but I won the battle with them.you just have to be ready for a long drug out fight with them...most quit but stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in and you will over come these crooks...The funny thing is, They have no real paperwork to prove they own anything....That is a plus in many ways...think about it.

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