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After a year and a half of on time payments, I called to change my due date and was told my grace period was changed to the end of the month. The 2 months following SLS posted late fees on my account.

After writing to complain, SLS claims they told me I could send post-dated checks, and that they never agreed to change my grace period. This is a *lie*. I've challenged them to listen to the recording of my phone conversation, and they did not respond to that challenge.

Several months later, one of my 2 loans was transferred to another servicing company. This was not made clear at all; it seemed both loans were transferred. In error, I sent the new company both of my payments, before the due date.

After receiving a late notice on one of the loans from SLS, I mailed them proof that I had paid my mortgage on time, to the new company. In response to this letter, they simply returned copies of letters related to my previous complaint.

SLS did not respond at all to my letter, instead claimed they had addressed the complaint and considered the matter closed.

Do not trust anything this company tells you over the phone. Get things in writing if you can. This company is one of the worst I've ever dealt with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Specialized Loan Servicing Mortgage.

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I would like to know about your tax deferral policy. I was placed on tax deferral because of my age of 65 and I told that SLS does not honor tax defferals. I also saw the list that SLS is helped by fannie mae and fernie mac, but they deny that they are listed as being sponsored

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