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loan modifification is a joke and a scam. They deliberatly take their time, they do not work for you, but against you.

I made all my payments, but they conveintly forgot to write them all down, No warning, just told me my house is in foreclosure. Told me I was 4 months behind. I checked my records, I was 1 month behind. They wanted some 2343.00 right now.

They are rude on the phone,when they wanted a payment, they didnt hesitate to pester me, but when I need them to give me an answer, no call. I hate SLS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Specialized Loan Servicing Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $78.

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After making all payments that were one and a half time more than my mortgage my home was foreclosed/ My fa,ily has still not overcome the rffrcts as all my income went into these payment to Secialised loan servicers. I was never informed that my home was going tp be sold, even though they were collecting my payments.


I have just reciently filed a complaint with the better business bureau because this is the 5th time they have charged me a late fee when i have sent my payments on time. These yahoos have an A+ ratting on the better business bureau so if your like me please file a complaint.

I have never missed a payment i have been late once and i allways pay $100 over the required amount. There is not a dam thing i can do but compain so i will.


I too have been given bad treatment by this company, I fortunately have paid my payment on time and within the grace period, and they are holding my 2nd lien,( my original HELOC was with GMAC). My complaint with them is their lack of good record keeping, customer to client relationship (from day one they have treated me as a bad debt, read the disclaimers on all webpages and documents) and their blocks and paperwork to subordinate my streamline refinance.

Oh by the way Richard, do you work for SLS? From my experience with this company, they are nothing more than a collection agency.


Maybe if you had actually paid your mortgage every month this wouldn't be an issue. I guess its just easier to blame your servicing company, rather than take ownership for getting in over your head in debt. Good work!

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