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They keep telling us that they were going to help us to do a modification and after a lot of phone calls: they lost our papers all the time. Finally they told us we don't qualify because the property value was above of the Obama program.

They wait until the last minute when I ran out of all my money: bank savings, 401K , life insurance..extra jobs etc.. to tell us that???? then they watned us to pay 3 months in advance?? if they had done that few months ago..

we could have have still some money to pay that money.

They are liers!!! specially that Terry paid 8 dlls per hour *** womand!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Specialized Loan Servicing Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $841.

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AT least they are giving you a believable excuse and not that they are waitingon MI ( mortgage insurance) approval and (Investor approval) for an entire year. Don't believe a word they say and depend on that loan modification.

It will not hAppen and they will take yor home.

BE VERY CAREFUL!!!! Take it from someone who they have screwed.

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