When my husband and I were together, we applied for a mod thru SLS. He had taken a $20000 cut in salary and I went from making $17/hr to making $8/hr.

We were told we did not qualify because we had not incurred a loss in income, even though they had verified our income.I'm not really sure how an almost $35000 reduction in insome is not a significant enough loss to qualify. Now that we are separated, I applied for a mod due to the change in circumstances. I was told by one person there that I could do this and to submit just my info not my ex's. Another told me that I had to submit everything and the underwriters would not accept as is.

I am so sick and tired of their games. I am contacting a lawyer.

I saw someone say something about a class action lawsuit, I'll join the fight. Tired of the government setting up programs to help taxpayers and the banking industry we bailed out working to do everything they can to prevent saving our homes.

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