In addition to warning consumers about SLS here and other sites, file your complaint with your state's Attorney General. If you do, eventually we may be able to force them to be a legitimate loan servicer.

SLS is a collection agency fronting as loan servicing company even if they have filed as a mortgage/servicer company in your state. My loan was recently transferred to them to "manage". I have filed a complaint for deceptive practices, collusion with my previous lendor, not fulfilling agreements I made with the previous lendor, and not informing me of the fee to submit a new loan agreement.

For Loan modification: do NOT contact them first or they will charge you a fee ($500) and each contact incurs another fee. Go to FHA for a loan modification application. SLS warns you not to go to another company but they do not warn you about their fees. Look at the fine print before submitting your application to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Specialized Loan Servicing Loan Modification.

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My Boss Stole my ID - Bank of Anerica would not work with me so I filed Chapter 7 - discharged 10/1/2009 yet Christmas 2011 SLS slim balls that they are tried unsuccessfuly to collect on the original debt that was discharged in Chapter Seven. They added $110,000 in fees to the original debt - Bank of America turned their backs.


No where to be seen. 10/31/2012


I lost my home 3 yrs ago to this corrupt co. They laughed and thought it was a joke as I tried to work out my mortgage with them.

I gave them 30,000 and tried to stop foreclosure. My husband got sick and I was trying to survive and keep the home for my children. They do not work with anyone. We are still trying to regroup.

It is a disgrace that people are treated this way. If you are willing to work out a payment plan then they should comply I would like to be part of a class action. Really disgusing that washinton mutual turned over my loan to these bastards.

Still trying to get ourselves back together after this ordeal and being on the phone with these 20 year old yo yos that thought this is funny,because it was not happening to them. CLOSE SLS DOWN!!!!!

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