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SLS apparently bought my loan from my original lender. Their address on "Lucent" (lucifer) Boulevard was the first red flag, and after dealing with them for a couple of years, they have proven themselves to truly be from the devil himself.

They are completely unethical. Each month, they withdraw my loan payment directly from my bank account, which they are authorized to do anytime between the first of the month and the 25th, when the payment is due. I recently discovered that they have chosen to withdraw the payment on the very last day, and then have the nerve to CHARGE ME A LATE FEE for their failure to withdraw the payment earlier!!!! (Sorry for "yelling," but I can't believe the extent of their dishonesty and criminal behavior, which I will be reporting!) I'm gladly paying the cost of getting a new loan to pay off this one just to get rid of SLS.

I resent my original lender having sold my loan to them in the first place. In addition to SLS's being thieves, their customer "service" is just plain ridiculous. Their representatives don't even have the most basic common courtesy, and lack any and all common sense understanding that customers should be dealt with in a businesslike and professional manner.

I don't know where they find these people and, after speaking with someone who claimed to be in charge, I don't think they care at all! I can't wait to completely sever all ties with these demons!

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #795572

I have been having trouble with these individuals for the last 3 months, They are totally deceitful, They tack on fees and they don't understand the different state laws. I believe they count on people calling them and trying to get these issues fixed themselves.

This wont work with predatory lenders you really have to get others involved. Call your congressman leave emails with anyone in the state Govt. Each state has a organization in which these People must answer to get in contact with them. Use BBB, HUD anyone that can help you make a noise.

Don't handle these people alone they don't work fair. Also never talk to them on the phone to often do everything in writing.

This way if they lie you have them lie and you have a better leg to stand on when you file a complaint or sue.


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