I am a homeowner whose mortgage was purchased by Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) from Bank of America. Needless to say, like those of you whose lives have become a huge nightmare because of the malicious and fraudulent behavior of SLS, I have an attorney and we're looking into filing a class action lawsuit.

I have read many, many stories all over the internet where people have been given wrong amounts, overcharged, put through the paperwork "ringer" for years, and ultimately have had their property foreclosed on. If you have experienced any of these malicious, fraudulent actions from SLS, please feel free to contact me at:


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I like to be [part of a class action against Specialized loan liars servicing


Yes, Chase sold my loan 4 years ago to SLS my loan has never went down but increased my forced insurance has been causing shortages for all 4 years. I have not been able to refinance or fix this due to being a single one income working mother..

I am at a loss..

my paperwork is always stolen missing can’t find loan documents.. I am so saddened my house of 22 years I just feel I need to let go I am getting swelled up by fees and still owe more then I started with them.


Yes why does the BBQ allow these companies do this to Americans I am still waiting for a class action suit to be settled with credit card Consolidating business 321loan no one will ever get the money back o had a good credit score of 800 it isso bad now I can't get a loan anywhere


Many times these loans serviced by SLS have a history of late payments that aren’t seen by the average consumer. Many customers pay repeated late payments month after month after month.

Some consumers aren’t aware of their loan terms and unintentionally fall behind. Either way, the investor owns the loan and the contract rules the game.

to Zztopfan #1612190

Sorry, that's baloney. SLS frequently tries to circumvent the terms of the contract, as when they began harassing me for my loan payments 16 days before the payments were due.

Here's what's really going on: SLS doesn't care whether they treat you fairly or legally, because you are a captive audience and have no choice but to deal with them. Even if you have stellar credit and make every payment on time, all it takes is one screw-up from them-- which they then they refuse to correct, whether through incompetence or corruption (believe me, it's corruption)-- and they've damaged your credit, making it difficult if not impossible for you to go elsewhere/refinance.

If they can do several screw-ups--or draw a screw-up out long enough-- they can destroy your credit or start foreclosure proceedings. As another poster said, they have the mentality of thieves and looters.


Please include me as with Linda below they are starting preforeclosure even though i am requesting modification assistance. Gbstaxes@att.net


Yes, please include me too. Sls took over my loan from American servicing co and started filing foreclosure proceedings during my loan modification trial payment period as I was making timely payments.


I'm having the same problem Evelyn Middlebrooks evelyn.middlebrooks47@gmail.com


We have just been sold out by Wells Fargo. SLS was supposed to contact us by Dec 1.

Not a word. Same thing, just rings and rings. Ive read the reviews and the issues. I began documenting the day WF sent us the note indicating the move of our mortgage.

Spent a few hours on the phone with Wells Fargo working up the food chain to someone that may be able to reverse this.

No luck. Any sage advise for butt covering 101?

to InconclusiveHighlandCattle542 #1607172

Make payments with online bill payment through your bank, if possible. Then they can't deny that you've made payment.

to Anonymous #1628364

Having SLS withdraw the money from my account did not work. This month alone they have taken the Jan 2019 3 times


Worst company ever. Non of there numbers work when trying to reach. Either a fast busy signal, rings forever or it says the number no longer works.

to Dave #1614502

They also have 4 mailing address hope the BBB will put a stop to this before we all lose our home


I would love to join a suit against SLS. I have no idea how to initiate it though.

My mortgage was sold to them by Indymac in 2014. Back then we had job changes, income changes and 3 grankids moving in. We struggled but for several years now things have come back on track. This year 2018, they were set up to automatically take the payment from my account on the day my disability check was desposited.

In April they took it then put it back, then tried to take it again. I found it was replaced and moved it to a different account to protect it until I could figure out why out was put back. In the mean time they try to take it again resulting in a NSF (remember I moved it to a different account and isn't this fraud, isn't there something in an ACH contract ).

I ended up calling, making that payment over the phone, stopping the contract with them for the automatic withdrawal and setting it up with my bank to make the payments. I had another incident in Aug with them and another in Sept (this is too long to go into typing on my phone) Long story shortened is we refinanced with a bank in town and all this came up because of the payoff was more than it should have been and after many hours on the phone with them and being passed from one individual to another, going through it over and over, pushing forward a closing on the refi, which SLS also benifited on because we are charged interest each day it goes on.


They took my home to after 10 years they foreclosed 3 times and it was dismissed now the forth time they had a blank note the judge ruled who ever holds the blank note in there hand is the owner now we are out after living here for 24 years

to Patricia Bourne #1607334

what do you mean by 'blank note'?

to Patricia Bourne #1612031

If you by chance have an FHA loan note cannot be signed in blank unless it’s approved by the secretary of HUD... And did they have standing- in IN must show injury (ie they actually pd something for loan) and Chain of title ... how they acquired it ie.) list of all lenders since you bought the home...


Specialized loan servicing has mismanaged my payments which were all on time After countless calls and many dealings with reps they still got it wrong. My credit score is down and I cannot refinance putting my home in jeopardy.

Class action? Count me in .

to Anonymous #1624208

This is EXACTLY what's happening to me. Now I can't get away from them. I want in on a class action suit as well.


Can anyone post the name of their attorney who is successfully handling a complaint against specialized loan servicing? It is amazing how the government is letting them get away with such fraudulent behavior.

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