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My loan was transferred to SLS about 2 years ago. There is always a problem. I have excellent credit and pay my mortgage from my account electronically on the 1st of the month. I get calls every few months to say I am late in paying. It processed on the 12th in January. No reason for this. Never had it with another company. They are terrible Add comment

Suing them now!!!!! The attorney said this company is under investigation for fraud// Hopefully they will go now soon Add comment

Signed up for the making homes affordable loan in 2012 supposedly got it just found out we didn't get HAMP loan but rather got in house loan locked in at 7.87% interest. Told us at beginning they didn't give in house loans. Now we have a new 30yr loan at 7.87%. Had to forge our signature because we only signed up for HAMP loan. Lied to!!! Add comment

They are the worst mortgage company i have ever dealt with i filed bankruptcy 12 years ago and cannot get any information out of them because of the bankruptcy but they will take my money every month tho they bought my loan from their sister company litton loan but yet i cant get abything i need always the runaround qDO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

My loan was transferred to SLS approximately 2 years ago. I have never paid a mortgage payment beyond the grace period in 25 years. However, we were constantly receiving phone calls on or before the first of the month and actually received a late notice, with a late charge prior to the 15th of the month in violation of our note. The charge was immediately removed. Now SLS claims that they have... Read more

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My complaint is almost identical to everyone else's! I have been dealing with this predatory lending agency for over 2 years when GMAC sold my loan to them. After over a dozen "loan service rep" changes, (whom, oh by the way, I have NEVER spoke to one of them!); and 4 modification application attempts, I am convinced that their primary goal is to find anything to disqualify their customers from a... Read more

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well, I am on to my fourth attempt to get a payoff from this lousy excuse for mortgage company. My loan was sold to them. I would never ever ever do business with them. They are the worse I ever saw. paid my mortgage on time but still got late notices. called them and they wanted "proof" that i had paid the mortgage. It was downhill from there. Now I been on hold with 3 different... Read more

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I can't even begin to describe how bad I was treated by this company. From the representative eating over the phone while talking to me, to being refused when I asked to speak to a supervisor. My advice to anyone who has had an issue with this company is to submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) at They are a fairly new division of... Read more

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My loan was transferred from BAC to SLS. I had a buyer last year for a short sale of my home. SLS kept saying they were missing documents even though I sent them. By the 2nd round of sending them documents they already had the buyer gave up and went elsewhere. This year I have another buyer that has been trying to buy the home for 5 months now. I have repeatedly sent documents and they keep... Read more

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Stay clear if you can! This company does NOT represent the facts in data processing. They manipulate the documents to charge fees and require payments on accounts which are current. They try to give you the run around, saying that they never received payments, data, documents, etc., constantly requiring submittal of documents to prove payments, especially after transfer from Bank of America... Read more

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